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Ableton Push

While I found the first edition of the push easy to pick up without ever diving deep into the manual , the push two is an altogether more powerful and complicated beast. This page lists all the resources I've found thus far.
Published Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Daily Stream? Wha? Wait What? How? Why?


  • To put into practice a series of concepts that I've been thinking about for a while that most djs, producers, musicians might not be comfortable with.
  • To stream an hour of original (mostly), non-copyrighted material every day at the same time, five days a week.
  • To turn the studio from an instrument into a live instrument.

In essence, instead of finding the perfect kick for a tune my job is to find several kicks and ensure they are easily accessible in a live rig over the period of a week or more (before moving onto the next drums et).

Published Saturday, October 27, 2018