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Kata Definition:

A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition. The term was probably first coined by Dave Thomas, co-author of the book The Pragmatic Programmer, in a bow to the Japanese concept of kata in the martial arts.

You can use kata to test a new workflow, try new shortcuts on your IDE or examine new patterns. Mostly you code and when  finished delete the code and try again a different way.

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Kata Resources: Over 30 Different  languages, 66 kata for Javascript another 64 for Ecmascript, , 25 for Php. I've started the javascript ones. tests are included with kata. There's also a gitter chatroom.

I am currently doing the Javascript track of course. There are 66 kata. You are supplied with the unit tests which is great. The Javascript track uses Jasmine as testing framework. Thanks to Bart for finding this. There are now 4 in the study-group  using

Bart, Myself, Lisa,and Joralf, so anyone that's get stuck should have no difficulty getting help. 21 Kata I attend the kata sessions run by Matthias Noback 25 Kata 9 Katas including my next one the Tamagatchi kata

My current iterations:

Kata List so far

On I'm on Kata 13: I try to do one kata each morning, but I limit my time to hour. It's good both for flexing my brain muscles first thing in the day and enables me to get stuck in without to much effort. The system is completely test driven, so to start your day you either download a new  kata or run your tests to find out exactly where you need to begin. I got one bit of advice at we-camp, to leave your work on a broken test, this makes beginning the next day a no-brainer (literally).

Once you upload your code, you can view other peoples solutions. If you are stuck you can upload an unfinished attempt to get a solution. The katas are interesting and enjoyable and a few times I've kicked myself at the simplicity of other answers compared to my convoluted epics. But nothing wrong with a cup of humility every now and again. Meanwhile I've learned loads about the idiosyncratic way Javascript works

I'm looking forward to trying out a completely new language, maybe in the new  year.

  • Hello World
  • JavaScript Leap
  • JavaScript Hamming
  • JavaScript Rna Transcription
  • JavaScript Bob
  • JavaScript Gigasecond
  • JavaScript Word Count
  • JavaScript Isogram
  • JavaScript Pangram
  • JavaScript Beer Song
  • JavaScript Phone Number
  • JavaScript Anagram
  • JavaScript Food Chain