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EMCRadio Studio

EMCradio studio

Streaming 24/7 Join Techbot, Left, Alice, Bobby Breaks and Lounge Larry, and Friends for an eclectic mix of underground beats and soundscapes. Broadcast using our Icecast server, we can switch from prerecorded to LA PA performance at the flick of a switch.

The Studio

There are three rigs

Rig One: Max

- Recording Composition, Live Transmissions

Ableton Live 9, DrumBrute, Beatstep Pro, Novation Launchkey, Prosonus Studio Live AR Mixing Desk/Audio Interface, Roland JP800 Studio Live AR

Shoucast VST streamer (stream sent to rasberry pi during live sets)

Rig Two: Clint

- Live Performance,

Ableton Live 9 , Push, Korg MS20 vsti and Usb controller, Microtonic vsti and Korg PadKontrol

Rig Three: Mother

- Dj Performance

Ableton 7, Roland TR-08

Shoutcast server and file server on Rasbery Pi sends (live or playlist) stream to VPS to be multicast.

Radio Studio
Published Monday, June 26, 2017
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