Headless Drupal with EmberJs and Contenta CMS

Contenta and EmberJS

We help maintain the EmberJs Contenta consumer.

What does that mean?

Umami homepage of Ember consumer
  1. ContentaCMS is a Drupal installation profile, intended for those interested in experimenting with headless Drupal. We get a familiar Drupal content modeling experience, with data output as JSON.
  2. EmberJs is a MVVM javascript framework and part of an ecosystem of components for "ambitious" single-page web application development, with an emphasis on convention over configuration. The development community is active and smaller than React, Vue, Angular.


      EmberJS ContentaCMS consumer demo site: http://umami.emc23.com

      screenshot of Contenta github list of teams

      The task is to create the Umami Drupal OOTB designs using ContentaCMS as the data enpoint, in whatever consumer "flavour" takes your fancy. We chose EmberJs.

      BTW Contenta has many consumers demos, all open for collaboration