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Live Streaming - Day Eight

I opened with setting up VLC and programming the kick on the drum machine. I started the session view with some Ableton live cells hastily filled with Simon Harris drum loops and a handful of drumracks with vocals and scratches etc. The 303 supplied the basslines and I spend most of the time on the matrix brute and the jp-8000, a lot less time on the drum brute and tr-8. I used vcvrack as a breakdown, my only control being able to raise and lower the volumes of eight channels of the vcvrack console via the novation launch control.

What is notable now is the set is tending closer to what I would do in a studio mix, in style if not actual quality. That's good enough for the moment. I'm still not in control, but that's largely because I do not want to spend too much time in preparation. I want most of this to happen during the sets. So it's bound to be clumsy to start. But I want to grow into the studio, to adapt to it rather than force it to behave the way my more mindful crafting.

And I used the grid view over the sequencer view. Unprepared it had 16 maybe 18 tracks all empty save for 2 drum loop tracks, one track with two or three of my own tunes and the new drum rack. Some of the loops are 16 bars long so I did not have to hover over the push which was my initial concern.

Published Wednesday, October 24, 2018