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Live Streaming - Day Four

korg and bass station

Forgot my finger drumming lessons on melodics today. Dammit. Well I just need to beat 3 days in a row next time. No jogging today which is good, I'm still in pain from yesterday.

The stream went well. Kaizen. A little bit better than yesterday which was a little bit better than the day before.

In fact today almost achieved the ultimate goal. I was playing along to the studio mix and hit upon a nice three note melody that perfectly matched what I had previously mixed down. Unfortunately the studio is not at the stage where I am spontaneously recording. I know ableton live can record after the fact, but let's get this week over with and improve a little next week. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I've got the perfect beginner controller for vcvrack - the novation launch control, I borrowed from my wife. 16 knobs 8 pads. The pad kontrol goes back to selecting pattern duties for the microtonic. With both volumes and mutes on the same controller, (originaklly they were at different ends of the rig, the duplicated functionality become redundant. I don't need mutes if I can turn the volumes down fast, or I can keep the muters and use the knobs for additional filter control, likely I'll choose the former. I like control over volumes as well as simple on/off. So I have 8 spare knobs for filter control and 8 pads to be used in conjuction with triggers or something similar, it can developer over time, now that I'm happy with the basic setup.

Published Thursday, October 18, 2018