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Live Streaming - Day Nineteen

Live Streaming - Day Nineteen

A few more technical difficulties than normal, some from a bit of carelessness, others are new and mean extra things to do for my daily systems check.

The idea of using the standard looping method where the tune starts at the beginning, runs to the end and then loops back to the last bar, creating a locked groove works well, and allows space to focus more on what I am doing and less on transitions. The set was very techno-ish because I got totally stuck into one of the locked grooves for way too long. But that is always the case when I introduce a new technique, I overdo it on the first two or three sets until it becomes just another piece of the repertoire.

I'm working on adding the seven seas wavetable sampler thingy from nysthi but it wasn't ready for this set.

Published Thursday, November 8, 2018