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Live Streaming - Day Seven

A few samples from my Simon Harris Battle DJ vinyl and CD rips, attached to a delay. The effect is to soften the techno or tech-house vibe and add a bit of funk. I really didn't use the backing track at all. If that's the case I might as well move over to the session view with columns and cells and stuff.

My method is to choose quantity over quality for the moment. I'm building drum machines with 128 kicks and 128 snares, so that I can vary the sound each day as opposed to finding the perfect kick for a particular tune. I'm building racks with a lot of fx scratches and vocal chops to augment the live sequences and beats. So during a set I might not (especially at the start) have any idea of what sample I'm about to hit -  being able to adjust the volume and/or decay and/or filter sweep is essential for this.

Published Tuesday, October 23, 2018