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Live Streaming - Day Three


Today felt much smoother, more like what I would have expected on day one had it not been for the harddrive crash and subsequent time and effort in restoring everything.

VCVRack was interesting. I'd kept my patch simple because it's basically my first but I can go even simpler. What I like about VCVRack was the complex noodling but simply being able to trigger the mutes on/off and letting the generative arpeggios do their thing. Because I had only two arps I didn't use the other 6 channels which had percussion andĀ  leads. I'll exchange the modules on those six channels to some of the patches on patch storage from the likes of Omri Cohen, Nigel Sixsmith and Modular Curiosty.

I've used the beatstep pro with VCVrack and I like it. I'll introduce it more in the future, but I did not feel comfortable using the padkontrol to toggle the mutes. Maybe I'm used to the pad kontrol as a percussion instrument. Anyways I need to rethink how to control the mixing console and maybe reconnect the pad kontrol to the microtonic vst (and use it without the patterns).

When I killed everything and brought in a steady 303 bassline everything went dub, a quick reworking of the drum machine to match the vibe (heavy on the decay for the bass and plenty of reverb and delays on one or two snare hitsĀ  and I closed with the Metaphysical reaktor patch again.

Published Wednesday, October 17, 2018