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Live Streaming - Day Twenty

Live Streaming - Day Twenty

Four weeks without missing a single workday. Now today I could have missed the session without breaking my deal with the universe. Every weekday I stream, except for vets and dentist appointments. And today was vet day. But I skipped jogging (every Mon, wed and fri) instead since I made no deal with the universe 'bout that.

The set was beset on all side by technical difficulties. I switched from Twitch to Youtube and there are enough differences in screen resolution etc to make the first half of the set shoddy. This just confirms our decision to stream for a couple of months before we present ourselves, while actually streaming - not simply practicing).

I tweaked the VCVrack patch adding some interest to two of the eight instruments.

I started using the record sequence on the Matrix brute, will investigate a little more before dedicating a week theme to the Brute.



Published Friday, November 9, 2018