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Cryogen VST Glitch plugin Review

Cryogen is a modular buffer effects processor designed to generate abstract musical malfunctions.

Cryogen features dual buffer effects, dual multimode filters and dual bit crusher effects. With the advent of its flexible architecture and fully modular drag & drop modulation matrix, Cryogen is capable of generating everything from subtle glitches to stunning signal mutations, making it an exciting creative tool for electronic musicians and sound designers.

Between its flexible routing matrix, multiple effects processors and extensive modulation options, Cryogen enables you to dial in vast variations of special effects. Cryogen takes buffer effects one step closer to the edge!

We got this as part of one of plugin boutiques deals so at 5 euro the only real qiestion is would it end up being used in a tune as the value for money paret is a no brainer. The screen is too small and can't be resized and  while this is a smkall gripe it is actually big enough to make  the experience unpoleasant, at least until the labelds are no longer needed.

I needed to resort to the manual once or twice which for something of this complexity is impressive and once I got to grips wityh thje guio it wasn't long before Iwas wondering "what would happen if I polugged this into that"

Just like a real modular one cannot simply turn knobs to full whack indiscriminately as on things like gates, bleed alone can render the process indistinguishable. So keeping knobs at a max of 90% uintil one gets a feel for things is advised. At this point I wanted more control over the lfos to sync or retrigger on command, this was not possible.

Instead I simply passed all of the various loops and hitys for this particular tune through the presets and saved all the sounds as ableton clips.

The presets are impressive and this is how the plugin is sold and fair enough, used as a preprocessor to gasther sounds can really push glitches (with tails) to new terrain. But so far as a device to manipulate stuff live, the jump from one sound to another seems too complicated. But I'll return to this to confirm.

So. so far I've used it in one tune 'Lions across the'  and intend to use it in another '005 Deep Tune'.