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FM DAB USB radio VCVRack - C++ development

Spent a day struggling with the VCVRack SDK ( only because I added the path to windowes environment variables instead of exporting it to mysys2).
Although mysys does appear to read windows environment variables, exporting environment variables to mingw64 appears to be temporary and can catch one out.

I'm avoiding JUCE for now.

But that's over with now. Only good things ahead.
I'll use visual code or viusual studio not sure which is more suited especially since I'm using mysys shell and have no idea how either ties with it and/or git.

Way too many permutations just like javascript :-(

The trick is to ignore as much as possible, not try for any kind of streamlined pipeline. I'll download some of the open source vcvrack plugins mess around a bit for a week or two and then re-examin my process then.

For now I have two basic ideas. One is a simply on/off gate sequencer with delay the on gates could eventually have shapes and slopes.

Get the FM dab usb radio code from girthub working.

[coffee break]

I have spent the day playing with some example code, when one thinks about control voltages instead of audio signals everything becomes very simple fun with instant gratification.

[Day 2]
I'm liking the VULT DSP programming layer . It is compiled before the C compilation turning .vult files into .cpp files, so no major brain screw up with extra pipeline process. The content of these files is access via the main <process> loop similar to how we use phazor.js and p5.js.

Vult code can also be used to make Pure Data externals so it seems like VULT could be part of a BELA, C++, Pure Data toolset.