Experimental Multimedia Channel


  • Jigs: Php Game Engine for Drupal and Joomla
  • VCVrack Basics
  • VCVRack DAB Radio module
  • Pure Data Basics
  • Pure Data TrumBella
  • Pure Data DrumBella
  • Pure Data SALT FX Controller
  • Pure Data AE modular
  • P5 Visuals
  • The Concept Mixtape
    A set of 12 2-3 hour livestreams that took place in 2020 as a direct result of the Covid Pabndemic altering our livestream to include common sense messages
  • The Eclectic Meme Concept Album
  • Sample Packs
  • Mass Audio (tm) - Machine Learning - python  L3 Based
  • Label/Artist Audio/Visual Twitter Showcases
  1. Strategic
  2. Sub
  3. OEFN