Ingrown Records : Avenoir from @CityOfDawn

Ingrown Records : Avenoir from  @CityOfDawn

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Avenoir - The Desire to see Memories in Advance

This album represents nostalgia; Memories from the sounds of my childhood which has little touch of the vibe of Mallsoft & Vapor-wave but in ambient minimalist drone form what City Of Dawn is known for. One evening when my father used to work at a music store at the mall; I remember experienced the sounds and reverberance that resonates throughout the environment of the mall. How it sounds so spacey and drown into the faded faint sounds of crowds and music that stands out like smooth landscapes; the quality of being resonant in stillness. Something about that brings a sonic experience unless it doesn’t disturb my sensory or overloading it.

It’s a rather raw, shimmery ambient drone album that I put together that gives a nod to the vibe of mall-soft &vapor-wave using it for my personal reflection.



released February 5, 2021

Written, recorded, produced by City Of Dawn (Damien Duque)
Vocals on “Midnight Cafe" by Senzafine
Mastered at SDS Studio (WA) by Drew Sullivan