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VCVRack C++ development blog

Spent a day struggling with the VCVRack SDK ( only because I added the path to windowes environment variables instead of exporting it to mysys2).
Although mysys does appear to read windows environment variables, exporting environment variables to mingw64 appears to be temporary and can catch one out.

I'm avoiding JUCE for now.

But that's over with now. Only good things ahead.
I'll use visual code or viusual studio not sure which is more suited especially since I'm using mysys shell and have no idea how either ties with it and/or git.

A list of Interesting Glitchy Sample packs

Last season I demo'ed glitchy sample packs mixed with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart remixes. (it made sense at the time - and still does).

I like sample packs that have a strong personality. If I wanted my own sounds I'd make my own sounds and I do. But when I use sample packs that have personality , it feel more like a colloborartion and I like that. I like to imagine how the creator made the sounds. What were they thinking? , how different is my context? What can I learn?

Ingrown Records Presents: cool person's grown person

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Project Bela - The Trumbella

In anticipation of a bela Salt for the Hybrid Eurorack Modular we've started, I dug up the unfinished TRumBela project and cleared some space for some DIY over the next few months. I embedded two usb adapters to the casing to allow the internals get connected to laptop or midi controller without cables protruding from a drilled hole. I'll solder a few knobs today to make sure everything still works and then complete the project a little bit each day.


Zwobots 2.0

Create visuals and play video files directly in Ableton Live. Zwobot, the plug-in tool for real-time video, sound-responsive video effects and Vjing with Ableton Live.
Play Video Files directly in Ableton Live and generate stunning video effects.

Ingrown Records Presents: Avenoir from @CityOfDawn

Brought to you in part by Experimental Media Channel @EMC23dotcom
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