Experimental Multimedia Channel

DMT Tapes FL Full Digital Discography (885 releases) 2 Dollars!!!

This is crazy! The genre is Vaporwave. A very punk anti capitaslist genre borne of the Internet- and I love it. Slushy Slowpaul fxs with referecnes to 80s Malls, Windows 96 OS, Greek and roman statues.

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Natron - Open source and Free After FX alternative

Natron is a powerful Digital Compositor that can handle all of your 2D/2.5D needs. Its robust OIIO file formats and OpenFX architecture is what make Natron the most flexible open source compositor for the visual effects community.

It takes an hour or two to 'grok the flow' but once you do it's simple enough after that.

So far not as many plugins as after FX but that's to be expected. It handles video formats nicely. Allwing me to easiliy work with OBS studio.

Sample Pack: Panamalaan

So we sampled

The building: the metallic stairs, the dishwasher, the elevator

The surrounding area: trains, a few bridges, the traffic lights

The tram: both from the outside on the street and we hopped on hopped off thanks to the fact that two stops are really close to each other and we have OV chipcards.

We used a frying pan mostly and a hammer.

We ultimately used three devices, the laptop with the IK multimedia mic, a handheld sony recorder and a mobile phone.



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