If there is a theme for this blog it's the movement of my music from a typical chaotic set of files and folders, to a highly structured hardware and software music system to a Live studio. The live studio mostly asks the question how do I deal with latency cpu load, rendering (freezing) versus live control, performance versus pre-processing.

Obviously a lot of musicians simply went the whole eurorack route bypassing all of these questions, however for me that would mean changing too much of the compositions , when my goal is to complete my series of compositions through a performance iteration. One of the reas I'm focusing on is removing copyrighted acapellas and replacing them with distorted versions or alternate distorted samples. So I've got 2 send and return channels going to the hybrid eurorack system which has two channels of fx, each with it's own bitcrusher, one from doepfer and the Gieger-Counter from WMD.