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JiGS, Drupal and Content Modelling

Dublin map grid screenshot

JiGS, Drupal and Content Modelling

Today I want to discuss Content-driven development based on Drupal's Content Modelling, the foundation on which JiGS in-content engine is built. 

What is Drupal Content Modelling and what has it got to do with game design?

A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 4 of 4

For the final week of developing the process pipeline, I copied all the config files, made some databse backups, upgraded to Drupal 10 and extended the Claro Admin template so I can clean up the paragragh types.

At this stage I can start adding random stats as fields and entities as Content types or Paragragh types. For a level designer I think Drupal makes the perfect content manager.

A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 1 of 4

The goal is to use Drupal to

  • Host a game
  • Create map-grids as content types
  • Add items to map-grids
  • Add NPCs to map-grids
  • Add game attributes to user profile
  • Use Drupal Groups to implement factions
  • Host VueJs pages for the various buildings (form based fields and widgets) that inhabit each map

The game engine will be compatible with turn-based and real time loops. Later PhaserJs will be used for the real time graphics based modules.


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