About Us

In the beginning there were no beginnings, there were no need for them.
Silence, before the Word.
And then the Bang!
The Big Bang!

Here on the Satellite of Love, an old weather monitoring satellite we hijacked from Skynet, LeftOfLoveLiberationLeague @ll0lll23, and @Techbot, a Captain of the Cyberian Druids, are teaching Wavey Lines, the onboard AI computer to sing - to sift through all the sounds emitted from the planet since electricity was first utilised to hide codes amongst the Cosmic Radiation, The Hum and the Resonant vibrations of Consciousness.

It's the 🛰️ Satellite of Love ♥️ 📡 broadcasting directly to you.

Hope you had a great #BandcampFriday 🎛️🎹🪕🎺

and have loads of great music to listen to. 😎

And remember Earthlings there's no Planet B. 🌐https://t.co/hyJoy1hQ7v

thnks to @headboggle for the testcard 😁

— Captain Techbot ☥ Cyberian Space Druid Ninja 🥷 (@Techbot) August 11, 2021

#Amsterdam canal traffic and inhabitants, found sounds, a @Techbot tune, beats, synths, loops and hush now, everything's all right https://t.co/xnEGeAVGh1

— left23 (@ll0lll23) September 15, 2021

The Mission

To boldly go where we didn't go, befo.

Without music, life would be a mistake.

We have written and rewritten, mixed and remixed everything we've got. We combined and spliced over 500 pieces to just under 300 compositions. Blending most genres, we are at a stage we're we are rewriting some of the material with a focus on glitch, Software-defined radio via Eurorack and old time movies/radio.

We spend a lot of time listening to the great underground labels on Bandcamp.


The concept is that of a Satellite from the future traveling through time collecting what audio material is emitting from the planet and using A.I to reconstruct the music into something intelligible to the time travelers.

Livestream broadcasts: You can pick up the latest of the WIPs by tuning into the Satellite of Love livestream on twitter.

In addition to studying the work of underground labels we also build our own hardware and software for the livestream performances. These includes a Bela black box multifx unit,a Glitch Rompler and SDR receiver for VCVrack and a Vox-Glitch sample pack for the Volca, Kontakt and Direct Sampler.