The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy - A browser-based role playing game

The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy Online (EMC Online) is an online, persistent, 2D, tiled, role playing game (RPG), multiplayer, virtual world set in a post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk world some 50 to 100 years after a civilisation-ending war between humans and superheroes on one side, and AI on the other.

The player is garbage in garbage. They are the remnants of an old war, rejects. Found by criminals, a crime boss and his foot soldier. But everything is never as it appears. This crime boss is an immortal. An OG from pre-apocalyptic times whose life was altered by The Happening. He is the first of several immortals to befriend along the way including Mr Blue the Spy, Thomas the Hippy, and Róisín Dubh.

Pixel art style player avatar of a Psibot wearing a visor and its brain exposed

You are a Psibot, a drone separated from the now defunct hive mind. You are found in the dumplands of Dublin, one of the city-states that pepper the destroyed planet. As a master of nanite technology, you must evolve from the dumb mute corpse that you are. 


What you become is up to you.

Based on a cut up novel by Rob Stocker, the player goes on a journey through multiple city-states like Dublin, New Washington and Cairo, collaborating with others, fighting for justice and survival, trying to discover more about their own nature and capabilities.

Map grid with the GPO in Dublin and some characters in the square