Countdown to GamedevJs GameJam April 13th-April 26th

GameDev.JS JAM 2024 
 EMC23 will be organising a team for the annual GAMEDEV.JS JAM 2024 - April 13th-April 26th   
So if you are new (or not!!) to game design, coding, audio composition or even playtesting and you want to particpate in a safe beginner friendly environment, then pop into our discord room over at the Gamedev.js discord server.

All code is open source, all graphics , music and sound are published under a CC attribution license

Team so far:

  • Techbot - Admin

  • Great Master yinyang1017  - Coder

  • Beskid - Composer Musician

  • Haru - Game Designer

  • Slytechie - Coder

The theme has not been announced but we will definitely be using Phaser as our game engine.   

Big ups to @ender for hosting this annual event but also for providing emc23 with a channel on their discord server. I didn't like the idea of setting up a discord server, just another silo in a vast sea of silos. by joining the Gamedev.js server, we at emc23 were able to plugin to a ready made friendly, curious community of developers and creatives.