Yes, After a long hiatus and a totally new rewrite , the MMORPG is soon ready for release as well as the open source codebase. 
Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, 50 to 100 years after a civilization ending battle between humans and superheroes on one side and AI on the other.  The apocalyptic event that  ended both the planet's final limited resources and the war itself was triggered by the exiting of the richest man on the planet, off the planet to Mars in one of his many rockets.

LoopMix by AudioModern

Over the past few weeks we,ve been tweaking our scores, and alligning the live sets with them. This includes ensuring that the CPUs don't overload, and some rendering, remoiving of plugins etc where necessary.

 Ensuring there are only 8 channels per Ableton setup so they are Ableton Push friendly (I prefer to avoid scrolling horizontally with the push controllers.And deciding what software is controlled by what midi controller etc. 

Reason To Live

Our goal this week is to make some Musique Concrete using only #Reason Studio and whatever refils and demo refils we accumulated over the years.

To prove that it is not completely useless as a DAW or VST.

The piece will be called: "Reason To Live"

The Process is to create 6 Musique Concrete 3 minute pieces that will act as source loops for the 6 glitchlab2021 main sources. The result of which will be used as party of a larger 45-60 minute piece.

This is working out well. I've gone to a kind of extreme with ReasonVST inside Live.

Scores with dropdowns

As I'm preparing for the stream, I was working on a score when I discovered dropdowns in spreadsheets. This allows me create iterative scores for the participants.

It's a mix of freeform dj sets of Bandcamp indie label music and live jamming, with sections where the focus is on particular instruments hardware or software.
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