A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 3 of 4

I've built out the Map-Grids as cities with attributes and unlimited buildings as paragraphs.

I now have
* a game content type: 1 single instance of it per website.
* Map-Grid content types whch are populated by Buildings via paragraphs.
* NPC content types and game Items as content types.

A portal is a particular building type that when touched (collided with) allows transition from one Map-Grid to another. This could be moving inside a building, moving underground or traveling to the next city.

A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 2 of 4

From the single behat feature I created a game loop with 2 variables: health and strength, with attack being computed on the fly based on dice rolls.

I've built out the player profile for testing. I've experimented with players have weapons as paragraphs, which in turn are made of materials as paragraphs (to enable crafting).

A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 1 of 4

The Goal is to use Drupal to

  • host game,
  • create map-grids as content types,
  • add items to map-grids,
  • add NPCs to map-grids,
  • add game attributes to user profile
  • Use Drupal Groups to implement factions
  • Host VueJs pages for the various buildings (form based fields and widgets) that inhabit each map

The game engine will be compatible with turn based and real time loops. Later phaserJs will be used for the real time graphics based modules.

LoopMix by AudioModern

Over the past few weeks we,ve been tweaking our scores, and alligning the live sets with them. This includes ensuring that the CPUs don't overload, and some rendering, remoiving of plugins etc where necessary.

 Ensuring there are only 8 channels per Ableton setup so they are Ableton Push friendly (I prefer to avoid scrolling horizontally with the push controllers.And deciding what software is controlled by what midi controller etc. 

Reason To Live

Our goal this week is to make some Musique Concrete using only #Reason Studio and whatever refils and demo refils we accumulated over the years.

To prove that it is not completely useless as a DAW or VST.

The piece will be called: "Reason To Live"

The Process is to create 6 Musique Concrete 3 minute pieces that will act as source loops for the 6 glitchlab2021 main sources. The result of which will be used as party of a larger 45-60 minute piece.

This is working out well. I've gone to a kind of extreme with ReasonVST inside Live.

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