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Project Bela - The Trumbella

In anticipation of a bela Salt for the Hybrid Eurorack Modular we've started, I dug up the unfinished TRumBela project and cleared some space for some DIY over the next few months. I embedded two usb adapters to the casing to allow the internals get connected to laptop or midi controller without cables protruding from a drilled hole. I'll solder a few knobs today to make sure everything still works and then complete the project a little bit each day.


Zwobots 2.0

Create visuals and play video files directly in Ableton Live. Zwobot, the plug-in tool for real-time video, sound-responsive video effects and Vjing with Ableton Live.
Play Video Files directly in Ableton Live and generate stunning video effects.

Ingrown Records Presents: Avenoir from @CityOfDawn

Brought to you in part by Experimental Media Channel @EMC23dotcom

Six Sounds Saturday (Review of our show)


A live audio-visual mix combining experimental music, art, tweets and memes, @Techbot’s The Concept Mixtape is part DJ set, part mixtape and part emergency broadcast from a basement in Amsterdam during the collapse of civilization. Does its conceptual approach work or is the whole thing a jumbled, incoherent mess?

Strategic Tape Reserve - Tape Label

The Strategic Tape Reserve, headquartered in Cologne, West Germany, is a fully independent (non-aligned, secular) organization dedicated to the dissemination and responsible management of ferric cassette material and content.

Bandcamp: https://strategictapereserve.bandcamp.com/

Avant Garde, Pop Experimental it's all here neatly packaged in feric oxide cassette tapes and wasp infected inlay cards or J cards as we (in the know) call them.

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