Reason To Live

Our goal this week is to make some Musique Concrete using only #Reason Studio and whatever refils and demo refils we accumulated over the years.

To prove that it is not completely useless as a DAW or VST.

The piece will be called: "Reason To Live"

The Process is to create 6 Musique Concrete 3 minute pieces that will act as source loops for the 6 glitchlab2021 main sources. The result of which will be used as party of a larger 45-60 minute piece.

This is working out well. I've gone to a kind of extreme with ReasonVST inside Live.

I fill a rack with devices, each has its own sequencer.

No automation in Ableton. 

Use Reason LFOs, and mouse to control volumes in the reason mixer etc .

Record a set in Ableton.

By the end of a session I should have a n Ableton file with one rack and numerous 3 minute wave file mixdowns.

A week later I might tweak the rack creating a second ableton file, with a new iteration of the Reason rack and several more mixdowns.
This is allowing me create a relationship with reason. Weh daydreaming I am thinking of possible rack combinations, or how the cv splitter merger might simplyfy things. It doesn't require me to change my main workflow. I can focus on sound design and not think about context. And I can keep the resultant wavefiles organised by Ableton project- One Ableton Project per Reason rack
Then when I need source material for any of the secondary processors, Puremagnetuiks Lore or Gleetlab221. I have a set of wavefiles waiting to be utilised.