Sound Design: Samplers, Sample Robot and Audacity


First off. After both Left and I decided to focus on some sound design, within a few hours we had both adopted Audacity as our main tool for organising sounds into projects. It is also ideal for breaking a large file like a eurorack meander into smaller files to be used for hits, loops and pads. Free and open source with a bucketload of plugins it allowed us get creative from the get go. Later I added a few of my favourite vsts for pre-amp and overdrive.

One can cut each section to a track of its own, assign plugins and settings specific to that section (or ctrl to select others of course) and then batch slice each to its own wav file. I seem to need to then cut out large silent sections, but that might just be a newbie issue and is no biggie.


We need to build sample sets for the following samplers

  • TR8s,
  • Kontakt ,
  • Volca,
  • Ableton  
  • Direct Sampler.
  • EMC23 Glompler (Glitch Rompler)
  • EMC23 Vompler (Vox Rompler)

We will document the exact procedures in the wiki. But here I'll give reasons for particular decisions, experience etc.