LoopMix by AudioModern

Over the past few weeks we,ve been tweaking our scores, and alligning the live sets with them. This includes ensuring that the CPUs don't overload, and some rendering, remoiving of plugins etc where necessary.

Ensuring there are only 8 channels per Ableton setup so they are Ableton Push friendly (I prefer to avoid scrolling horizontally with the push controllers.And deciding what software is controlled by what midi controller etc. 

Enter Audiomoderns Loopmix, it offers 6 channels of Trance gated sample loops, with the length and number of triggered gates bieing controllered live and via Machine learning alrgorythms. 

Each channel can be routed to its own output and presets can be quickly loaded making this a percvfect way to accompany my own sample playees with somthing more percussive groovy and downright great fun to use live.