Scores with dropdowns

As I'm preparing for the stream, I was working on a score when I discovered dropdowns in spreadsheets. This allows me create iterative scores for the participants.

It's a mix of freeform dj sets of Bandcamp indie label music and live jamming, with sections where the focus is on particular instruments hardware or software.

Because LORE takes in audio that would already have been prepared it becomes the third "2nd Processor" alongside Berna3 and Gleetchlab. Primary Processor is Ableton Live. This is very apt because in previous iterations of my streams, one of the gaurantees of regular content was the regular plugins by micah.

What I really like about this approach is. as a side effect it is documenting how I would code a generator to write my scores. I am also studying Machine Learning so I can auto generate sometyhing akin Music Concrete or 90's style Ambient mixes by the likes of FSOL and add them to my streams= stuff I can play along to. Like a backing track or virtual musicians that adapts to the live input.