The Eclectic Meme Concert - April 24th

April 24th Bandcamp

Bandcamp Livestream - The Eclectic Meme Concert - April 24th

Weekly Show:
A weekly live improv (Ableton and Hybrid Modular) and freeform dj performance in preparation for the monthly Multil Label Lineup #BandcampFriday special.

Featuring Breaks, Soundscapes, Ambient, Avant - Garde and anything else that @techbot can mix or play along to.

Part I
Remixed, Revisited, Recycled, Redacted

Part II
@fire_toolz Does Smooth Jazz (dj set)

Part III
Are you expanding your mind? Psyche Rocker to Rocker
Pierre Henry,

Part IV
Through space and time ... back to my birth
John Baker & BBC Radiophonic

Part V
"blistering lights blind the pilot as the space ship hurtles towards it's inevitable doom
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