First Solar Orbits - An 'Even The Score' Special

I dunno if Juneteenth is happening, I'd like this to be part of a celebration. If not mabye I'll expand on the idea for another iteration.

So the theme is

maiden voyages for the new Satellite of Love.

After a lengthy discussion with Darren from Isotonik, we settled on Space as being the general theme for the next "Even The Score"


I wanted to take the Planetary Convolution Reverbs through their paces asd I'd previously being discussing my lack of reverb skillz on twitter. And I was already becoming familiar with Valhallas Space Modulator so this piece

Tape Loops

Inspired by the Time Lag Accumulator system

Maze is a simple Max for Live looping device, inspired by the Time Lag Accumulator system developed by electronic music composer Terry Riley.

Echo Machines

T-Racks Space Echo versus MartinIc LEM Musc echo

The Sound Source


@0ddiction Glitch Bundle

Obviously all of these amazing different SPACE makers meean nothing without an equally compelling sound source and this is where things get extra cool.

I am in the middle of a VCVrack tutorial and am in need of something really simple to build. So while stuck on a code compilation error I was tagging my friend @0ddiction on twitter when we came up with the idea of a rompler. Hans said I could have some of the samples from his bundle which means I am staring off on really good footing.

Once the samples are triggered they can go through the various routings listed above. (I think)