A list of Interesting Glitchy Sample packs

Glitchy Sample packs

Last season I demo'ed glitchy sample packs mixed with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart remixes. (it made sense at the time - and still does).

I like sample packs that have a strong personality. If I wanted my own sounds I'd make my own sounds and I do. But when I use sample packs that have personality , it feel more like a colloborartion and I like that. I like to imagine how the creator made the sounds. What were they thinking? , how different is my context? What can I learn?

I generally don't apply too many effects. I don'r want to 'make the samples mine' that would defeat the purpose. My aim is to build a muisical piece aorund the samples or to use the samplews to augment an already written piece.

As far as I can remember none of these have definitive pitch mappings or anything like that. I'll make another post for kontakt libraries but it'll mostly be a link to rekkards excellent kontakt link page.

Iteration one includes :

@0ddIction - Currents  &  Zel'dovich

@prrkindustries - https://prrk-industries.bandcamp.com/album/software-defined-radio-sample-pack

@robinrimbaud - Flaneur

Iteration two includes :

@Hainbach101 - Isolation loops

@Ableton - Polish Radio Experimental Studio

@Ergophizmiz the-dimbola-mikado-fun-pack

@freetousesounds - Electric Particles

And we're off https://t.co/FrPPGgoZBb

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