Phase 2 of the Extended Music Concept Universe (EMC23 Multiverse)

Phase 2:

We stopped in November to take stock and figure out how we could improve the live stream. We want to be cutting edge and lead the way in this art form. So how could we improve on The Concept Mixtape? What would The Concept Mixtape 2.0 entail?

Well hold on to your horses because if the medium is the message we just went from cassette tapes to Satellite s- The Satellite of Love to be precise.  This will be the location of our upgraded studio including a transporter room to beam and stage guest DJs and electronic musicians.

The studio itself has a new midi interface as a heartbeat.

We've decked the place out with portable laptop, mic and computer stands, optimised cabling where we could, added a few more groove-boxes and live instruments and rearrange a lot of music for longer jamming sessions.

The New Programme:

* The Concept Mixtape 2.0
* Live From The Satellite Of Love
* Even The Score
* A Little To The Left