Secret Squatted Skynet Satellite #Streams

The Space Ninjas Techbot and Left23 have taken over a small invisible satellite orbiting the planet.
Sending  secret messages to the AntiFa and anonymous corporations hidden in the radiowaves and messages that travel across time and space and captured by the com sat, they are stuck there until some kind of civilisation returns to Earth, if it ever does. By activating the nuclear craft they must become it's caretakers.

Aided by the AI MassAudio(tm) they attempt to decipher the incoming quantum messages alongside the curation of ambient, drone and experimental music. Using a reconditioned transporter room the due often manage to collaborate with djs and electronic musicians, with mobile rigs.

Concept Direction for #Livestream mini-stage.
(fits 3 people max)
If there's a poll below, we all gonna go😎

— Experimental Media Channel #LiveStream Satellite (@EMC23dotcom) April 27, 2021

Two views:
* one with luma key, ticker tape and filters
* the other a 'behind the scenes' look

— Experimental Media Channel #LiveStream Satellite (@EMC23dotcom) May 1, 2021