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VCVRack Fault Rompler

My last attempt was to get the little usb receiver to talk to Vcvrack. I didn't get the project complete before the radio burned out. (saying that it took about 3 years).
I should have made it doubly clear in my notes - do not stray from Mingw64 from the tutorial page if you are working on windows. Ignore all powers shells, choclateys and minicondas.

It's important to note the difference between Msys2 and Ming64. Some stuff needs to be installed in the former first. Pacman is used to update Mysys2 itself.

Stick to the tutorial.

Install NodeJS and maybe all the extra python visual code stuff

Step 1: Extract Step Seq and sampler from Original Authors code, add dependencies, remove extra functions, hardcode definitions :DONE

Step 2: Make Duophonic by duplicating play code in process function :DONE

Step 3: Make Polyphonic by replacing original and duplicated code with iteration loop over the 8 channels :In Progress

Step 4: Abstract implementation code to allow for 2 romplers.