• The Eclectic Meme Concept Album

Long term goal: to use machine learning to complete a trilogy of concept albums surrounding The Satellite of L:ove and the End of Civilisation on Earth. The computer will sing rap and create new glitch sounds as well as recreate old time radio, The Hum, adverts and speeches.

To do this I need to learn C++ and python, Machine learning (of course) and music theory deconstructed in a way a computer can be programmed.

To accomplish the mission we are designing smaller projects to create manageable stepping stones.

  1. Glompler - VCVRack Glitch Rompler
  2. Vompler - VCVRack Vox Rompler
  3. Scanner - VCVRack DAB Radio module
  • Pure Data Basics
  • Pure Data TrumBella
  • Pure Data DrumBella
  • Pure Data SALT FX Controller for WaveyLinez
  • Javascript Visuals
  • The Concept Mixtape
    A set of 12 2-3 hour live streams that took place in 2020 as a direct result of the Covid Pandemic altering our livestream to include common sense messages
  • Sample Packs
  • Mass Audio (tm) - Machine Learning - python  L3 Based
  • Label/Artist Audio/Visual Twitter Showcases
  • Jigs: Php Game Engine for Drupal - On hold