• The Eclectic Meme Concept Album

Long term goal: to use machine learning to complete a trilogy of concept albums surrounding The Satellite of L:ove and the End of Civilisation on Earth. The computer will sing rap and create new glitch sounds as well as recreate old time radio, The Hum, adverts and speeches.

To do this I need to learn C++ and python, Machine learning (of course) and music theory deconstructed in a way a computer can be programmed.

To accomplish the mission we are designing smaller projects to create manageable stepping stones.

Techbotism Audio Production Art Topics


"You stick to computers son, I'll stick with music"

I don't need to attriburte the quote. I was actively discouraged from doing what I do by my Family my Friends and the Education system. I was singled out in choir practice (a compulosory class in catholic school) and sent to the back of the class to do my homework because I could not sing ( he could have sent me to the piano).

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