The Concept Mixtape - LIVE - EP:8 The Summer Meltdown

The Concept Mixtape - LIVE - EP:8 The Summer Meltdown


featuring Scanner (@robinrimbaud ), @fire_toolz ,@Strategictaper,@RatskinRecords, @nonclassical , VoiVod, and me: @Techbot

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VCVRack, Softube Modular, Cherry Audio Voltage Modular

For those of us not ready to jump into Eurorack, there's always the virtual option. (Personally I'd love to have some kind of system that had both).
VCVRack is free open source and an amaxzing amount of plugins. It doesn't have to be the best ot be the one thatt everything else will be comapred to.

In this regard I would guess that Softube would offer a better sound with libereral use of oversampling and accurate emulations for a premium price. No third party developers but top noth patchers like Buchla.

Bandcamp Friday June 5th

This June 5th is Bandcamp waiver day.

Lisa and I will match our bandcamp  spend with a donaltion to the bailout funds.

The two purchases I'm most looking forward to are

Subscription to the Label: NonClassical


the Digital Discography to Russian Hip Hop Label : RMixed


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