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The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy Online (EMC Online) is an online, persistent, 2D, tiled, role playing game (RPG), multiplayer, virtual world set in a post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk world some 50 to 100 years after a civilisation-ending war between humans and superheroes on one side, and AI on the other.

JiGS, Drupal and Content Modelling

Dublin map grid screenshot

JiGS, Drupal and Content Modelling

Today I want to discuss Content-driven development based on Drupal's Content Modelling, the foundation on which JiGS in-content engine is built. 

What is Drupal Content Modelling and what has it got to do with game design?

JiGS is launched via GamedevJs.weekly

I told a few people on linkedIn, slack and reddit that I'd have a 1.0 version ready for launch in January. 

"I built the in-game content engines for a few MMORPG titles (NCSoft/Arenanet) and this is a genius idea. I used ruby-based engines for compatibility with MVC architecture, but being that D10 is close to MVC, I would definitely consider this approach. Great job!"

With that in mind I'm hanging out on the gamedev.js weekly discord channel

JiGS Update - October 23

It's been eight months since I finished my posts on architectural decisions. 
Since then it's mostly been a process of building out from there.

Recently I added the ability to drag and drop objects from backpack to storage in the inventory section of the game using vue draggable.

A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 4 of 4

For the final week of developing the process pipeline, I copied all the config files, made some databse backups, upgraded to Drupal 10 and extended the Claro Admin template so I can clean up the paragragh types.

At this stage I can start adding random stats as fields and entities as Content types or Paragragh types. For a level designer I think Drupal makes the perfect content manager.

A modular Drupal RPG and Trading Game engine - Wk 3 of 4

I've built out the Map-grids as cities with attributes and unlimited buildings as paragraphs.

I now have
* a game content type: 1 single instance of it per website.
* Map-grid content types whch are populated by Buildings via paragraphs.
* NPC content types and game items as content types.

A portal is a particular building type that when touched (collided with) allows transition from one Map-grid to another. This could be moving inside a building, moving underground or traveling to the next city.

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