Sound Design: Samplers, Sample Robot and Audacity


First off. After both Left and I decided to focus on some sound design, within a few hours we had both adopted Audacity as our main tool for organising sounds into projects. It is also ideal for breaking a large file like a eurorack meander into smaller files to be used for hits, loops and pads. Free and open source with a bucketload of plugins it allowed us get creative from the get go. Later I added a few of my favourite vsts for pre-amp and overdrive.

Coming up on the Satellite of Love

transmission 001 meme001 Neon dream
ubu Cthulhu showcase
Gaian Prophecies   Satellite of Love coming up
Dispatches from the Underground Album of the Day Neon dream
ubu Deep in the Swamp showcase
Gaian Prophecies   Satellite of Love coming up

Mass Audio (tm) - Machine Learning

Mass Audio (tm) is a module in the school of Techbotism Audio production

This is a work in progress as I figure out Machine Learning from scratch. I literally need to google at least one word per sentence in everything I read.

Live Studio Cont'd


With the WMD Giger Counter and Dopfer Bitcrusher added to the Hybrid, things are starting to take shape.
I have the SALT + connected for midi in and out. While the SALT looks after gate sequencing.

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